Current Projects

Peter Brock – Road to Glory

TV special & 87 minute DVD, with bonus extra features including extended interviews and Bathurst footage from 1969, 70, 71 and 72. Genre: Documentary

Based on the book by Colin Fulton & Terry Russell (Allen & Unwin) Traces the early life of Peter Brock culminating with his win in 1972 at Bathurst. Contains previously unseen footage, supplied by Peter’s family and friend’s. This facinating DVD also features interviews with Phil (Splitpin) Brock, Harry Firth, Colin Bond, Bob Jane, Peter Janson and many more, and includes footage from Bathurst in 1969, 70, 71 and 72.

Executive Producer Robert Parsons Directed by Dean Rankine Written and Narrated by Colin Fulton (and based on his book of the same name) Producer: Phillip Pappas



Genre: Action | Drama
Writers: Joe Wallace, Russell Haig
Producers: Phillip Pappas, Daniel Ostroff
Co Producer: Gavin Wood
Production Entities: Inov8 Entertainment,
Countdown Motion Pictures
Budget: $29M
Location: USA

A Cold War H bomb, discovered in NewYork, fires the military establishment into action. It creates an uneasy alliance between FBI agent Ruby Gator and ballistics expert, Dr. Evan Taylor.
Will they prevent Armageddon or like millions, worldwide, die in the attempt?
Script by Joe Wallace and Russell Haig. Producers- Phillip Pappas and Daniel Ostroff (The Missing- Cate Blanchett/ Tommy Lee Jones). Co Producer- Gavin Wood- Countdown Motion Pictures

Locusts and Wild honey

A small fishing village in Australia. A Dutch immigrant family and a number of unexplained events build to a shattering conclusion.
(Script by Everett DeRoche. Producers: Phillip Pappas and Daniel Ostroff)

MILE HIGH (working title)

Following the lives, loves, mishief, drama and fun that follows a group of flight attendants as they jet around the world looking after their passengers, both famous and infamous.

Original idea: Catherine Crawford
Creative concept: Phillip Pappas/ Russell Haig
Script treatment and writer: Russell Haig
Producer: Phillip Pappas

“In the Shadow of Mt Pleasant” – A murder mystery.

Faith was a young woman with a profound intellectual disability, and was a resident in an institution. This is the story of her murder and the lies that are revealed about the town and the people who dominate it. But the real crimes here are the neglect, abuse, discrimination and exploitation of the disabled, our ongoing shame.

Based on the book “Faith” by Kevin Stone – Former President -The Nation Council on Intellectual Disability.
Script Synopsis and Treatment: Russell Haig
Producer: Phillip Pappas


Feature Film – 120 mins.
The story of flyin,flyout workers at a Pilbara mine site, where an Argentinian tango troup has been installed to not only teach the mine workers, but to prevent the boredom that envelopes most mine workers. One of the miners and a tango dancer fall in love, but their love turns sour, only to find a spectacular resolution, back in Buenos Aires.

Script: Russell Haig
Producers: Phillip Pappas                Kris Maric


Feature Film – 120 mins Genre:  Comedy
Original idea and concept by: Peter Sullivan

Director: (under negotiation) Producer: Phillip Pappas Written by: Phillip Pappas and Robert Parsons Golf Consultant: Gary Richardson
The funny side of the ins and outs, the people and problems, of running a country golf club Location: Peninsula Country Golf Club, Frankston Victoria.

‘The Shenandoah Affair’

Documentary 45 minutes (approx).  Writer: Paul Williams

In 1865, during the turmoil and anguish of the American Civil War, a Confederate warship from the Southern states requested permission from Sir Charles Darling, the Governor of Victoria, to dock in the neutral harbour of Port Phillip Bay for repairs. On board the ‘Shenandoah’ were eleven prisoners, taken during raids on enemy ships, one of whom was the beautiful and imperious wife of a Northern Union captain. This tale of passion amidst adventure at sea and conspiracy ashore is based on fact – a little known but intriguing incident which occurred in Melbourne in 1865 and in which Australia became embroiled in the American Civil War.

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